Friday, 15 August 2014

update on personal progress

Just a quick update on my personal progress with the "diet" ie fitness and weight loss regime.

Thunder showers this week, but my legs took me out on tour for almost three hours anyway. Then a one hour bike tour is all i managed today, better than nothing if i make seven hours total by sunday. I felt really good despite the high humidity again, and was able to do a nice 75% effort cycle run with soft tyres on the MTB making hill climbing tougher. I felt like i did a few times on my twenties and early thirties when you know you have a long way to go in terms of improvement, but that you are well on the way.

Also this week especially today I noticed how much more control l have on my appetite and how aware i am of "extras" all the time. Gone is the "shark frenzy" eating of the weekend and post training. I dialled in one of my two beers and drank cabronated qwater from 33cl cans from the fridge for the lion's share of my "cold ones".

I think then that l am through my adjustment phase and am habituated to positive habits and thought cycles. I am still convimced that this is just a kilo a month regime, the aim being lasting change after diet phase, but i susåect that in fact l could be about to go into a more rapod weight loss period. Many diets talk of a kilo a week, and when i was last laid down with influenza dor a whole week l lost ten kilos.

The point leading from the last is that i put those ten back on quite quickly, and each time i have consciously dieted or gone down as a side effect of activity , l have rebounded. Ao now i am making a big mid lofe adjustment to appetite and using training now to burn fat. Once down to 100kg trainjng can be shorter and for more effect, but i must say that i feel the long slow way is right for my body.


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