Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekly Weigh In, And Weighing Up Your Doubts

I weigh myself every week, but you could well find a once every other week a bit better . Remember to do this naked and first thing in the morning each time so you have consistency - a level playing field - which is important because this diet and exercise regime creates a slow loss of fat which is hopefully long lasting.

As I said I find now that two hours training sessions go quicker, and feel only a little longer than my older one hour sessions. Also I find that I have less appetite and am much more aware of the deadly extras. The key is to allow yourself some treats and a couple of extra portions per week but we conscious to limit these to when you are especially hungry or feel you have earned it. This is why it is important not to split your eating week over the weekend, but have it run Monday-Sunday. This also allows you to put in long sessions at the weekend if you have had a busy week, although I most recommend having one 2 hour session in the week.

My Weigh in: well as I expected it is down again, I know I am eating less and getting a lot fitter, so I can burn more energy per hour when training. I am now under 114kg at 113.8, which corresponds to actually over a  kilo per month, perhaps as much as two. After three months with this type of training combined with treat-and-extras control,  physiologists could expect a peaking in weight loss due to higher VO2.  Whether or not this peak continues is a matter to wait and see for me personally, but in principle it is a 'go-slow-steady' regime.
Okay I am being successful on this 'diet'  what Questions you May Have: 

Will I Have to Do 5-7 Hours A week Forever

The answer is no. Once your target weight loss is achieved or you are happy with your waist line, then you can drop so much activity if you like. The five-to-seven hours gets your body burning off its fat reserves, while the discipline with extras stops it being topped up again. Like the Atkins diet and some others there is a permanent maintenance phiolosphy. This is that a small amount of luxuries and regular exercise will mean that your weight will now vary around this and not around your previous sporty-fatty number.

How Much Excercise Should I do Per Week in the Long Term Then ?

As the sporty right sized person, you should think about doing three sessions a week of more than a half hour as a good way of maintaining your base level of fitness. Ideally  though one session should be  one hour 75%+ intensity, and one session should be longer and at 50-60% while sports coaches recommend one 40 min / hour long interval session including a light warm up and warm down, and also one wieghts or stregnth and stretching session of 20/30 mins.

As the thinner sporty forty something you may feel that  you are more confident with your body and you will find after six months on this light but long training programme that you have a fantastic base and strong, stable body for then reaching higher to start training with the club veterans, youth or even competing.

How Should I Regard "Treats and Extras" Now and In the Long Term ?

I promise to do a more detailed blog and list what type of things extras actually are. I forget myself simple things like I don't take  sugar in tea or coffee, but you should subsitute out all types of sugary drinks bar one per day with artifical sweetened drinks or just good old water, Perrier if you are posh instead of a Cold One or Ice Cold Coke.
Also desserts and snacks can be calorie bombs so really all desserts are extras bar fruit, and then that is fresh fruit and even then there are limits.

For  you dear Sporty Fatty like me, sporty 18 stone, four stones over weight before , it is self-rewarding treats, carbo loading, pre and after sport snacks and most of all weekend beer "chain-drinking" and the 'bab or pizza on the way home which has made us look like a defrosted turkey in its plastic wrapper when we take on lycra cycling clothes, or as if we are pregnant when we don a football jersey.  

If you do go back to your old ways then you will put on a lot of weight again, so this diet like most succesful long term diets is about permanent change in attitude. It is just a lot simpler to focus on extras, treats and luxuries as the culprits for the spare tyre and thundre thighs we have sprouted since we were 28 years old.

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